Mesh Cat Bathing Bag Cats Grooming Washing Bags

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Product Information:

Material: special polyester mesh fabric

Product Category: Other cleaning and beauty products

Specifications: First generation cat washing bag bright orange, first generation cat washing bag rose red, first generation cat washing bag sky blue

[Product name]: small pet multi-function bag

[Product Specifications]: Approximately 34cm wide and 52cm long

[Product material]: special polyester mesh fabric

[Product application]: for cats

[Single product weight]: about 60 grams

Make it easier for cats to take a bath

Suitable for bathing, cutting nails, removing ears, feeding medicine, injections, etc. for cats;

It can effectively prevent the cat from escaping and scratching during the control process.

Thereby reducing the risk of owners and beauty workers.


Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 5300 × 3500 × 1200 cm

Bright orange, Rose Red, Sky Blue


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